Landscape rake


Almost everywhere one looks [in Arizona] there are incredible terrains; from baseball-field smooth and flat playas (dry lake beds) to chunky gravel stretches reminiscent of the challenging Marseille pistes – and everything in-between. Give me a landscapers rake and a few cold Mexican Dunkels (Negra Modelo preferred), and in less than an hour I’ll turn just about any empty Arizona acre into a fantastic Petanque terrain.
Byron Putman

Head is 24″, 36″, or even 48″ wide for grooming wide swathes of your terrain. Four or five inches high. Made of aluminum, so that the huge head won’t be too heavy. 

Costs anywhere from about $40 to $130, depending on size. But watch out for shipping costs if you order online!

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See also the lute/scarifier at


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