Petanque scoreboards

A board with numbers and two colored clothes pins! Courtesy of the FPUSA video “How to Play Petanque” on YouTube. The video was shot on the terrains of the National Capitol Club de Petanque, in Arlington, Virginia. I believe that this scoring board was created by Joseph Acciardi.

Recently I saw a picture of a similar scoreboard at Rick Armstrong’s private terrain, near Austin. Note the use of multiple clothespins. They provide a record of the scores of the last few ends (rounds, frames) that each team has won. Neat!
scoreboard_austin_rick_armstrong There doesn’t seem to be any generally accepted convention about whether the numbers should run from top to bottom, or bottom to top.

These scoring clocks are standard fixtures in the boulodrome in Nyons, France. They are smaller than they appear in the picture— they are no more than a foot high.

devices_scoring_flipchartHere’s another simple scoring device that I saw recently. Flipcharts with numbers.

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