My shooting pit (1)

I’m new to petanque. I need to practice so I can hold up my end of the game. To help with practice, I have set up a sort of shooting pit in my back yard.

I laid down a big piece of scrap carpet on the ground. (This keeps the ground from being pulverized into dust, and traps the dust.) On top of the carpet are two 6-foot 2x4s in a V shape. They keep the boules from scattering all over the yard.

The 2x4s are secured with big nails driven into the ground.

Later I moved the carpet forward a bit. The depression behind the carpet traps the boules, so they can be gathered up more easily.


In the throwing area I have a white plastic bucket that can hold 20 boules, so I can throw 20 boules before having to walk to the head to pick up the boules.