Precision shooting


The World’s Championship precision shooting competition is a relatively new FIPJP competition. The competition was initiated for men in 2000, and for women in 2002. Now the FIPJP organizes a precision-shooting competition in parallel with its other competitions— the men’s world championships in even-number years, and the juniors’ and women’s world championships in odd-number years.

The FIPJP precision shooting (tir de precision) competition is a combined event (like a decathlon) with five different individual events (ateliers). In each atelier the competitor throws four boules (one from each of four distances— 6, 7, 8, and 9 meters) at a target positioned in a 1-meter target circle (cible).

Since there are 5 events, and each competitor throws 4 boules in each event, each competitor throws 20 boules in total. It is possible to score 5 points with each boule, so the highest possible score that a competitor can achieve is 100. Here is a scoring sheet for recording the scores of a single competitor.


In 2010 Claudy Weibel broke the record for highest score with a score of 66. Christophe Sévilla broke that record the next year with a score of 67.

Some informational graphics about the competition

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Some pictures of competitions

Bruno Le Boursicaud at the 2012 World championships.
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A youth competition in 2011.
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At Mâcon in 2011 the contestants get the red carpet treatment. An official uses a frame to position the target boules and jack in the desired configuration.