How to find petanque clubs

There are lists of pétanque clubs on various web sites, but most are useless, with many out-of-date and dead entries.

The best way to find a petanque club in your area is to use Google (or your own favorite search engine). Search for the name of your city and the word “petanque”. If you don’t find anything, search for the name of your state and the word “petanque”.

As of fall 2015, the American Petanque Directory is still being actively maintained.

The Federation of Petanque USA lists its member clubs at the FPUSA blog (look for “FPUSA CLUB LINKS” in the right column) and at the FPUSA main web site (look for “LOCATE A CLUB” in the left column). Note, however, that clubs that are not members of the FPUSA do not appear on the FPUSA lists.

Petanque America, the online vendor of petanque boules, no longer maintains its list and map of clubs. They are still available online, but contain many dead entries. See the Petanque America blog (in the right column of the page) and the map at the Petanque America online store.

The list of petanque clubs on the Playaboule web site was never seriously maintained and is totally useless.


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