How to find petanque clubs

The best way to find a petanque club is to use the petanque club search page.

The FPUSA has a list of FPUSA-affiliated clubs but of course non-FPUSA-affiliated clubs are not on the list.

There are other lists of pétanque clubs on various web sites, but most are not maintained, so they are out-of-date and contain many dead entries. Petanque America no longer maintains its map of petanque clubs. The Playaboule list was never seriously maintained and is totally useless.


5 thoughts on “How to find petanque clubs

  1. Just an fyi. The dutch petanque association created an app “boules-baas” (only available in the Netherlands though) which layers petanque courts and clubs onto a map (looks like a lite version of Google maps) as well as recording and sharing results of games. In the dev notes, it’s purportedly to attract a younger generation of player and make it easier for new players to find where to go. Seems like an interesting option that could be ported somewhere else some day.


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