My shooting pit (3)

This is a light-weight design. There are three sawhorses arranged in a U shape. A sheet of white Plas-Tek and a some carpet scraps protect the ground from being pulverized into dust, and keep the boules dirt-free so that I don’t have to be cleaning them all the time.shootingpit3_the_head

From the sawhorses I’ve hung a 10’x16′ baseball net (from Networld Sports), folded so that it is 5′ high by 16′ long. The upper edge is hung from the sawhorses. The lower edge is held close to the ground by cords threaded through the net. The boule-return device is a pipe made of three 10′ PVC pipes.shootingpit3_the_netnetted_shooting_pit_1shootingpit3_collected_boules

Putting the boules in the boule-return pipe takes about one second per boule. Back at the throwing area, the pipe drops the boules into a bucket. I throw about 20 boules at a time. That is as many as I can lift in the bucket.shootingpit3_returned_boules2

I lift the bucket onto a platform, so that I can easily grab the boules as I throw. shootingpit3_boules_ready_to_throw

Here is another picture. You can read about the frame with the colored ribbons HERE.netted_shooting_pit_with_ribbons