The magic yellow line comes to televised petanque

If you watch American football on television, you’re familiar with the magic yellow line. Incredibly powerful computer technology now makes it possible to superimpose computer-generated graphics onto the moving images of the game in such a way that the graphics appear to be physically painted onto the playing field. This technology was first used to display the first-and-ten line as a yellow line on the field (hence the name “magic yellow line”) but now it has advanced to the point where many other graphical elements can also be inserted onto the screen.

This technology has finally made its way to televised petanque. I’ve been wishing for it for a long time, and now it’s here. You can see it at a few scattered places in the 2017 Eurocup Finale on Youtube.

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The technology isn’t yet perfect— the 10m10 distance shown in the first image was wrong. (The umpires measured it at 9m73, so the jack was good.) But of course it will get better.

3 thoughts on “The magic yellow line comes to televised petanque

  1. Hi Jules, I am not sure where to post a question but here it is. In the video above, at the start, around 50 seconds, you can see both Fazzino and Foyot “chalking” (like chalking of a pools cue stick) their boules. First time, I have seen this. Any idea what is this product ?


    • It isn’t putting anything (like chalk) on the ball, but simply polishing the ball. Fazzino and Foyot are smiling and joking, so it looks like they probably were given the little things as promotional gifts, and were using them for the first time and finding the whole thing a bit amusing. In the voice-over one of the commentators asks the other “That little thing… what is it?” and the other commentator gives a reply that goes by too fast for me to catch everything. From what I can catch, he says that he asked Fazzino about it, then there is something about the shock/impact of stones, and at the end he says “Basically it is about smoothing the surface of the boule.”


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