Decathlon shutters its USA stores

Decathlon, a French sporting goods chain which briefly was a source of inexpensive high-quality petanque gear and competition boules in the USA, has shut down its operations in the USA. On March 6, 2022, it closed all of its retail locations in the USA (basically, its two stores in the San Francisco area). Its website says that in the future, it plans to focus on other channels to distribute Decathlon products, including the Decathlon website ( and a number of retail partners.

Unfortunately, although is still up and running, NO petanque products are available there. Petanque equipment is still available from Decathlon Canada . The site navigation is a bit confusing. The page for the popular Geologic Alpha boules is HERE.

For a bit more information about Decathlon’s American operations, see our 2018 post Decathlon comes to the USA and starts selling Geologic boules.


2 thoughts on “Decathlon shutters its USA stores

    • Thanks for that interesting information. I guess Walmart must be one of Decathlon’s “retail partners”.

      I went onto and searched for “petanque”. Unfortunately the only petanque equipment that turned up were sets of 8 inexpensive Chinese “petanque/bocce” boules. I would really like to get a few more of the Decathlon throwing circles. They worked well and were very reasonably priced. Fortunately, Petanque America still sells circles, although they’re a bit more robust and not as cheap.


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