4 thoughts on “Learn the rules

    • There isn’t anything that I know of in English. There is quite a lot in French, The books of Pierre Fieux (e.g. LA PETANQUE DE COMPETITION) seem to have good reviews and one of them seems to be about psychology. Its title is COMMENT SE FORGER UN MENTAL DE CHAMPION. You can find them at
      The problem with printed books is that you need to have a working knowledge of French— Google Translate can’t help.


    • You don’t need psychology books. You simply need to learn how to play well under competition conditions. Obviously you need to practice shooting to be able to shoot well. In the same way, you need to practice playing in competitions to be able to play well in competitions.

      My advice would be to play in as many competitions as you can, but don’t set winning as your goal. Set your own private goal for each game. At first, your private goal is simply to stay calm and remember to play with good form. Even when playing against strong opponents (when you know you will lose), your private goal is simply to play well. If you can do that, then you should consider yourself a winner — the score of the game is not important.

      If you find yourself playing badly, stop. Take a deep breath. Then set yourself a private goal. Say to yourself
      — Now I will work on throwing with a good backswing.
      — now I will concentrate on focusing on my donnée before I throw.
      — now I will concentrate on fully opening my hand as I release the boule.

      If you keep doing that— calmly setting and working on private goals during competitions— I think that you will learn to be more comfortable under competition conditions,and your competition performance will gradually catch up to your training performance.

      But if I completely misunderstood your question, forget everything that I just said! 🙂


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